Friday, October 29, 2010

The very first Pizza Principle giveaway!!!

Yeah, you heard it. I'm giving stuff away. Just like a real, honest-to-god Pioneer Woman or MckMama-type blogger. Except with less traffic and probably way fewer hits. ;)

It had to be something pizza-related. I thought about a pizza pan or a pizza cutter. Those would have been great. I found a really cool one at the Gourmet Kitchen in the DuBois Mall in DuBois, PA. It rocked. Hand-held, very grippy, good blade. I may have purchased one for myself that I won't share with you. But it's a sturdy little thing, and I worried about shipping. You see, I'm not great with the packing and mailing, and to complicate matters, my post office could lose mail between one room and another...and they only have two rooms. So I wanted something light. Something I could stick in an envelope. But it had to be something worth.

That's where the good people at Country Home Creations came in. Have you tried their dip mixes? OMG. Easy and tasty and yum. Make them with just cream cheese and you have a rockin' cheeseball...or the perfect thing, coincidentally, to spread on a hot crust of some kind and make an impromptu little pizza-ish snack. And therefore, I went with the Pizza Dip Mix. Yum.

For those interested, I bought this with my own money scavenged from the cushions of my couch. Nobody gave it to me. I'm the only one doing any giving.

And how do you get this tasty treat? Follow me, Facebook link me, Twitter about me, and leave me a comment for each action. But also...for a fourth way to win...give me another comment suggesting something you'd like to see a recipe for. It doesn't have to be a pizza, or anything at all pizza related. Just tell me what you'd like to cook.

So go for it, people. I'll be accepting entries until Nov. 5 at midnight. Winner will be announced Nov. 6.


  1. i like free things :)

    i'm a follower!

  2. Do you have any recipes for Indian or Mexican pizza? Anything spicy? :o) Thanks!

  3. I am a devoted follower! I would like to see some more of your haute cuisine side--loved the stuff you came up with for Marx.

  4. I'm a follower! My kid loves anything pizza-related. :-)

  5. Um...anonymous? You're going to have to give me a little something to go on in case you are the winner. ;)

  6. Free food? Hey now...

    I'm a follower. :)

  7. I follow you via google friend connect!