Friday, December 18, 2009

A little structure, please!

Something I've noticed about the bloggers I'm reading is that they've developed a kind of set program for their posting.
My good friend Jenni at The Foster Family ( has her Wish List Wednesdays. (Hi, Jenni!)
Emily at has a whole slate of plans for her blog, including FAQ Fridays, where she answers questions about her often controversial lifestyle, and Can You Make Money Blogging, in which she takes you on a tour of how blogging affects her bottom line.
Jen at Cake Wrecks (, one of my absolute favorite blogs, does Sunday Sweets, spotlighting the best instead of the normal "holy crap, what is that?" cakes that make me giggle. She also has a set schedule for her postings, which appear like clockwork every morning. Emily, and others I read, have this kind of commitment as well. I admire that.
And so, this somewhat laissez-faire freelance writer is biting the bullet of structure.
I'm sure my editors (past and present) could confirm that I am a person who absolutely NEEDS a deadline. If I am told I have to submit something by 4 p.m., you will have it at 3:45 p.m. If you tell me to get it to you when it's ready, you may grow old and die waiting for it to show up.
And therefore...a schedule.
From this point on, The Pizza Principle will have a program schedule. Like Fox. Except hopefully with fewer cancellations. (Damn you for your treatment of Joss Whedon and "Dollhouse!" Damn you!!!)
My plan:
  • Back-to-Basics Mondays - either building blocks, like crust or sauce recipes, or simple classic pizzeria classics, like pepperoni rolls.
  • Dinnertime Tuesdays - taking favorites off your dinner menu and translating them to pizza form.
  • Cold Fusion Wednesdays - the very best in salads and sandwiches, with a twist.
  • Brunchtastic Thursdays - because there is more to pizza for breakfast than a fratboy fumbling in an old Domino's box under his bed.
  • Something Sweet Fridays - more than just the cinnamon sugar breadsticks every pizza chain slaps on at the end of the meal.
  • Special Request Saturday - Ask and ye shall receive!

So...what do you think? Give me some feedback, people. I need a topic for tomorrow morning!


  1. Yay - thanks for the shout out! Oh, and if you can, apply for BlogHer ads. FOR REALZ, YO!

  2. I'm on the waiting list for BlogHer, but I did apply.

  3. looks great! I don't know how much access you have to commercial pizzas, but a review of pizzas, frozen, from chains, from local eateries would be interesting for sure and you could include what your twist would be or how *you* would make it better!

  4. Like the schedule idea, and those seem like great topics! I haven't browsed a whole lot through your blog so I don't know exactly what you have on here already. I would be interested in seeing an outside of the box pizza or using pizza ingredients to create something else. I have no idea how to better describe that! I'm definitely looking forward to mondays and fridays, I think I may try putting together my own pizza!

  5. Glad to see you interested, Sara. Please, keep the feedback coming.