Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to my lab

Everyone knows the idea. Mom works all day, rushes home late, there’s nothing to eat, and so her poor children are forced to eat take-out or frozen pizza.
Do you know a kid who would cry over this dilemma?
Many a mom has been sent to therapy over the idea that she’s neglecting her kids by feeding them their favorite food. However, there are just as many who worship at the mozzarella altar in thanks for one meal without temper tantrums and turned-up noses.
The child who wouldn’t eat a tomato at gunpoint will slurp down pizza never realizing that some of the best sauces in Little Italy are nothing more than canned crushed you-know-whats. The kid who shuns all vegetables doesn’t really count peppers and mushrooms if they’re on a Sicilian crust. A budding vegan who refuses to sit down to a meal with her family of carnivores can be coaxed into sharing a peace pie with roasted garlic and soy cheese.
The Pizza Principle is this: you can get someone to eat, or try, just about anything if you start by placing it in the comforting costume of something they enjoy. And the pizza they know, the familiar tomatoes and cheese and pepperoni, is a great place to start. More than just round bread, it can be a well-rounded meal, with all the food groups represented. When ingredients are monitored, it can even be low-fat, or low-carb, or low-salt, conforming to whatever dietary parameters given. And when you apply a little bit of imagination, pizza can be the gateway to a world of variety, nutrition and exploration any mom can feel good about.
And it all starts with a crust.

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